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United Publications is a privately-held, business-to-business media company headquartered on the Royal River in Yarmouth, Maine. Since 1981, United has produced market leading newspapers, conferences, and most recently eMedia products focused on industry specific news. The content we produce is second to none.

Our editors are, first and foremost, experienced journalists who provide compelling business information for professional audiences. Readers rely on our expertise in their decision making and strategic planning. In each of the markets we serve, we can prove that our media products are read first, read most thoroughly and read extensively, making them the dominant, intelligent choice for our customer’s marketing message.

Print Publications

We produce traditional, tabloid newspapers and Source Books/Resource Guides for a variety of markets. Published monthly, our titles are distributed to a global audience. We believe print publications are still an essential piece of the communications mix.


Our new media channels keep readers abreast of the most current and influential news as it happens. Our news-based Web sites and e-Mail newsletters offer our dedicated readers the key information they need about their markets. You will find daily stories, videos, blogs, research, tweets, and much more, for each industry we cover.


As a news-based organization, we know the value of providing unbiased information on research, trends and strategies. That's why we produce educational conferences within each of the industries we serve. Our goal is to bring thought leaders together to create an open forum where solutions can be found and partnerships formed.


United Publications is dedicated to providing a dynamic and challenging workplace that supports professional and personal growth.

Job opportunities, when available, are posted on JobsInME.com. Click here to access our employer page.

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